Legoland California is a world famous 128 acre theme park based on the popular children's toys, Legos. Primarily for children ages 2-12, Legoland is known as the "Country just for Kids". Wonderful rides make Legoland an unforgettable place. Some of the Legoland favorites include the exciting Dragon Coaster, EXPLORE Village Green which is a fantasy garden that is safe for young children, and the LEGO Factory where kids interact with the brick making process and are educated about the history of the Lego. Newer additions like the interactive spinning ride Bionical Blaster and the 16,000 square foot LEGO Sports Center that features basketball, football, and soccer interactive activities have added even more enjoyment to the Legoland experience.

Legoland, 1 LEGO Drive, 1- 877-LEGOLAND,


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