There are many neighborhoods in San Diego, below is a partial list.

Little Italy

Little Italy San Diego

Little Italy is San Diego's oldest connected neighborhood. The Little Italy business district has thrived as an ethnic business and residential community since the 1920s.

Little Italy's Association Address is 1668 Columbia Street while the Little Italy neighborhood stretches from Laurel south to West A Street. San Diego, CA 92101. Little Italy telephone number is (619) 233-3898 and Little Italy fax number is (619) 233-4866.

From the 1920's when Italian Fishermen made this neighborhood Litte Italy has been a popular place for Old World charm. The shopping in Little Italy is comprised of little shops and small galleries. The European style boutiques offer very fashionable clothing that you will not find elsewhere in San Diego. The small galleries are numerous, so many that you will almost feel as if the street is an open air art museum. Small cafe's are prevalent that add to the charm. Most visitors rave about the Italian food which is absolutely wonderful. Filippi's Italian Restaurant in Little Italy serves a great pizza.

San Diego's Little Italy offers views of the San Diego Bay while you enjoy the find food and experience the art and cultural festivities. You will recognize Little Italy neighborhood by the Little Italy Street Sign that was set up in 1999 on India Street between Date Street and Fir Street. San Diego's Italian American community is celebrated with over a half-dozen annual festivals that include art and music. The highly recommended Carnivale (Mardi Gras), Columbus Day Festa, Artwalk, and "Chalk La Strada" are worth seeing for yourself if you are in San Diego when these events happen. Additionally, Easter celebrations and a unique Bocce Ball Tournament are also regular crowd pleasers. New in 2008 is the Little Italy Mercado in which every Saturday from 9am to 1:30pm on Date Street there will be an open air market with organic produce, meats, cheeses, pastas, and authentic foods.

In the heart of Little Italy you will find the community park called Amici Park, where children from Washington Elementary School play and grown-ups regularly play on the bocce ball court. Our Lady of the Rosary Church which was built in 1925 is an Italian National Parish. The interior of the Our Lady of the Rosary Church is artistically pleasing because of the effort of Fausto Tasca in painting the mysteries of the Rosary, a large Crucifixion, the Twelve Apostles, and the Last Judgement. In addition to the stained glass windows, world renowned California sculptor Carlos Romanelli has added marvelous statues of Our Lady, St. Joseph, and St. Anne.

Little Italy History

Surprisingly, San Diego's Little Italy is actually larger then the Little Italy New York, Little Italy San Francisco, and Little Italy St. Louis. Originally Italians made themselves home in this area because of the similarity to Italy and the ideal California weather. Immigrants from similar countries would settle nearby each other and thus Little Italy was born. Most Italian settlers continued to do what they specialized in back in Italy and that was to fish. Other Italian immigrants would find jobs in the seafood industry by working for seafood processing plants and opening up their own Italian seafood restaurants.

Little Italy Information

The Italian Community Center in Little Italy offers information about Italian American culture to visitors. Find out about the weekly Little Italy street market a type of farmer's market which really makes this area come alive


Hillcrest is an uptown neighborhood in San Diego northwest of Balboa Park. The Hillcrest area is recognized for its tolerance and diversity exemplified by being the center of gay and lesbian life in San Diego. Visitors enjoy browsing in the locally-owned businesses that include restaurants, coffee cafes, bars, clubs, trendy thrift-stores, and independent specialty stores. The grid streets of Hillcrest and the high population density make pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks relatively high throughout the day.

Special events happen in Hillcrest every year. The San Diego Gay Pride is a celebration for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community during the last three weekends in July. The San Diego Gay Pride Parade and two day festival in Balboa Park are well attended by locals and visitors, making it the largest civic event in the city of San Diego. San Diego Pride

Another annual event is the "CityFest" in August, a street festival featuring live entertainment, food, beer garden and street vendors. Book Fair and Mardi Gras are also events held each year in Hillcrest. Hillcrest also has a weekly farmers market where you can get fresh produce and other goods.

Being the center of the commercial and residential gay and lesbian community in San Diego, many of the local businesses are some of the best compared to any San Diego neighborhood.

Hillcrest sign over the top the street is located at the intersection of 5th and University Avenue.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista is located a few miles south of Downtown San Diego and contains some great places to visit. Some of the top Chula Vista attractions include the Chula Vista Nature Center, Coors Amphitheater, Fun 4 All Family Entertainment Center, Hilltop park, J Streen Marina and Bayfront Park, J.W. Tumbles, Knott's Soak City USA, Lower Otay lake, MVP Baseball and Softball Academy, Otay Lakes Park, Rollerskateland, Ruth French Champman Performing Art Center, San Diego Junior Theatre, Rohr Park, Teen Center South Bay YMCA, US Olympic Training Facility, and the Walk of History.

Chula Vista,

Bankers Hill

Bankers Hill is one of San Diego's nicest upscale residential neighborhoods located west of Balboa Park and east of Little Italy. Developed in the 1980's, Bankers Hill is best known for some of the grandest homes in San Diego and the incredible hillside view that looks over downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Banker's Hill has some of the best examples of high end residential architecture that dates back to the first quarter of the 1900's. Examples of Victorian, Craftsman, Revival, and Emerging Modern homes can be seen throughout the Bankers Hill area. Many of the original mansions that were built here have been restored to their original beauty and some have been converted into professional buildings used by lawyers, doctors, dentists, and small companies.

With views of the Pacific Ocean and Balboa Park, Bankers Hill is home to young professionals who want to live in an urban pedestrian setting. Airplanes pass directly overhead at all hours of the day and it is a common thing to see people spending their time watching the airplanes landing at the airport. Some of the popular Bankers Hill restaurants include Bertrand at Mr. As that has amazing views, Busalacci's, Laurel, and The Hob Nob Cafe.

Bankers Hill is an ideal place to go for an afternoon walk. The walk will offer you spectacular views of the city and the intrigue of some of San Diego's finest historic homes.

Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa is one of the largest communities in San Diego with over 80,000 residents. A suburban town with all of the commercial conveniences, Mira Mesa is well located to the Greater San Diego area, beach neighborhoods, and North County. Great shopping and recreational opportunities abound within Mira Mesa. The area is well known as the last place to purchase affordable housing in San Diego. Some of the best kept secret ethnic restaurants are situated throughout the town. Mira Mesa is home to eight community parks and has centers for teens and seniors, an ice arena, aquatic complex and a state of the art movie theater.

Some of the notable annual events in Mira Mesa include:

Mira Mesa Street Fair which is held on Camino Ruiz during the last Saturday in September.
Fourth of July Parade that runs through Mira Mesa down the Mira Mesa Boulevard and turns onto Camino Ruiz. A spectacular fireworks display goes off at night while the Mira Mesa High School band plays soft music in the background.
Halloween in the Mira Mesa Recreation Center is popular because of the numerous activities they run including a costume contest. Halloween would not be the same without a haunted house and the Mira Mesa Monster Manor is a ghostly haunted house located in the Target parking lot.
Mira Mesa Philippine Festival celebrates the anniversary of Philippine Independence from Spain. The Festival has cultural shows, music, dance performances, exhibits, food, talent competition, guest speakers and children's rides. The Phillippine Festival occurs every summer in the Mira Mesa Community Park.

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Miramar is a San Diego neighborhood in the northern section of the city. A great deal of commercial and light industrial businesses reside in Miramar. The Miramar area is home to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar which was formerly the Miramar Naval Air Station. The marine base houses a large percentage of the residents of Miramar. Miramar is one of the top areas in San Diego for real estate because of its central location, its large size, and its industrial benefits.

Most popular attraction in Miramar is the MCAS Miramar Air Show held annually. Last year over 700,000 people watched the Air Show where expert pilots compete against one another for speed and agility through challenging obstacles. The Miramar Air Show event is open to the public. Parking, admission to the show and bring your own blanket seating are free. To purchase preferred seating call 877-772- 5425 or visit the Miramar Air Show website.


The City of Poway has a populations of over 50,000 people and because of its size and location in the northeast part of San Diego County it is known as "The City in Country". With over half of the Poway's 40 square miles dedicated to open space you often do not feel like your in a major city after all.

In many aspect Poway has become one of the leading areas in San Diego. The school system is tops in the county including the sports programs that produce some of California's best teams. Excellent dining and shopping opportunities exist throughout the area. For the outdoor types Poway has over 82 miles of trails and 25 great neighborhood parks. Additionally, the city hosts about 50 community events each year. The most popular events in Poway are the Old Fashioned 4th of July, the Train Song Festival, the Christmas in the Park, and the Youth Fishing Derby.

Lake Poway is one of the top recreation destinations in the city. Stocked with trout and other fish, Lake Poway is one of the top fishing destinations in Southern California. For information on the park and the hours for fishing call (858) 668-4770. Blue Sky Ecological Reserve has some great trails for those looking to do some hiking. Part of the Reserve was damaged by the San Diego Wildfires that hit the town during 2003 and 2007, but the nature has rebounded and visitors can now see firsthand how the nature bounces back beautifully after such devastation.

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Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch is a an area of county living about 9 miles north of Downtown and about 9 miles inland east of La Jolla. Well known for its great schools, the plenty of opportunities offered by Miramar Lake and the family-friendly parks. Driving around you will see the picturesque Ranch estates which make Scripps Ranch so popular.

Miramar Lake has a 6 mile trail that goes all the way around the lake. The trail is used everyday by walkers, joggers and those on roller blades. The Miramar Lake is stocked with fish so fishermen can have success casting their poles from the shore or they can rent a boat for the day from several boat rental places on the lake.

A popular event in one of Miramar's parks is the "Concert in the Park" music series. Visitors and residents can enjoy scheduled live music while enjoying a picnic on their blankets.

Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is a hilly town located about 20 miles north-east of San Diego. Rancho Bernardo was one of the worst hit spots during the wild fires that struck Southern California in 2003 and 2007. The town of Rancho Bernardo is a residential area about a twenty five minutes drive north from downtown. Rancho Bernardo is the northernmost residential community within the San Diego county limits. The town is located just off of Interstate 15 just south of Lake Hodges and the San Pasqual Valley

Every year, Rancho Bernardo celebrates with a carnival-type street fair known as RB! Alive. The summer street fair is usually held on the first Sunday of June and is open to all ages.

Rancho Pensaquitos

Rancho Pensaquitos is a small town located in the North Eastern part of San Diego County. Rancho Pensaquitos, or PQ as it is known to the locals is surrounded by a large canyon open space preserve that offers a great opportunity for hiking, biking and equestrian trails. The best known feature within the Rancho Pensaquitos community is the picturesque Black Mountain that has an elevation of 1,500 feet.

Rancho Pensaquitos name means small cliffs. The town seems to be a popular place to live. The locals like the mix of the natural beauty of the area among the backdrop of the mountain.