Pacific Beach

Mission Beach Pacific Beach Sunset San DiegoPacific Beach combines influences of the other beaches, yet is the main location for college students and surfers. Very popular nightlife occurs at the many bars, cafes, and eateries that are situated along Garnet Avenue and Mission Boulevard. The PB boardwalk along the pacific ocean is crowded during the day pedestrians, cyclists, roller blades, and shoppers. The main beach scene is located around the west end of Garnet Avenue at the Crystal Pier, a very long pier and hotel.

Pacific Beach Information

A San Diego local's review of Pacific Beach is that PB (as it is called) is bit more laid back then Mission Beach but more upscale then Ocean Beach. Similar to Los Angeles' Venice Beach, PB has Ocean Front Walk, a paved promenade featuring many surf shops and beach restaurants. The Ocean Front Walk runs along Ocean Boulevard, just west of Mission Boulevard, to the pier.

Pacific Beach Directions

Getting to Pacific Beach is simple. Take Interstate 5 to the Grand Avenue or Garnet Avenue exits and head west. Grand and Garnet run east/west and go all the way to the beach. Most of the bars and restaurants are located in the area on and between these two streets near the beach. Street parking is usually the way to go, but there are a few pay lots around as well.

San Diego Pacific Beach Visitor Tips

PB is truly the home of surfing in San Diego as just north of the landmark PB pier the Tourmaline Surfing Park is always busy with surfers. The town of Pacific Beach blends the local surfers that live here with young business professionals. The Pacific Beach nightlife is more organized then Mission Beach because most of the bars, clubs and dining are located on a couple of the major streets. The Pacific Beach boardwalk joins the beach food and beach shops to the beach sand and allows visitors to move around easily. Many people choose to ride bicycles and roller blades along the boardwalk and similar to Mission Beach dogs are allowed before 9am and after 6pm. Lifeguards are usually on duty along the water. Pacific Beach parking is purely street parking, and usually can be found with a little effort.