Oceanside beaches are the northern tip of San Diego county and provide a less crowded alternative to the San Diego beaches. Oceanside is a unique beach town with a small theater, Ocean's Eleven Casino, beach shopping, and easy access to many white sand beaches.

Oceanside Directions

Driving Directions to Oceanside Beach are easy, just take the Interstate 5 to the Oceanside exits and head West a few miles to the beach.

Oceanside Visitors Information

Lifeguards patrol the water at Oceanside City Beach. There are beach showers. Dogs are not allowed. Surfing is allowed in designated spots.

Oceanside Beaches

Oceanside Beach located in the city of Oceanside, California is a popular vacation spot for families. The Oceanside Beach and Oceanside Harbor offer a long 3.5 mile stretch of palm tree and sand for visitors to find a great spot to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. The usual swimming and surfing combined with beach volleyball courts and an excellent fishing pier make Oceanside Beach a popular place to enjoy the sun. Parallel to the beach is an important street known as "The Strand", which is popular for visitors to walk, roller blade, and bicycle. The Oceanside Beach has a landmark pier, which along with fishermen is widely used for long romantic walks. The Oceanside Beach Pier is one of the longest wooden piers on the west coast, stretching 1,924 feet westward into the Pacific Ocean. The Oceanside pier is very large, and comes to life with Ruby's restaurant at the end, restrooms, and a bait and tackle shop that has snacks, drinks, and postcards for sale. Unlike beach fishing, you do not need a license to fish off of the pier. From the pier, you will have many picture taking opportunities with a wonderful view of the beach, the surfers and the Oceanside coastline with a backdrop of beautiful mountains.

Oceanside nightlife is non-existent. The few bars that exist are kinda shady and there is really no reason to be walking on the street at night. The area around the pier usually has teenagers and bonfires at night, but is not the best place to hang out after dark. The movie theater is old, but its beach charm makes it a decent option. Other then that, the Ocean's Eleven casino offers poker around the clock and cheap buy-in tournaments in the morning.